We all have preconceptions about places we know well. As photographers, we are uniquely placed to ‘sneak up’ and shoot a different story, deliberately skewing things..

(Above: The Morecambe Sailing Club’s race office can be made to look quite threatening when shot from this angle)

The Lancashire resort of Morecambe is less than 30 minutes drive from where we live. Tess, our collie, loves the beaches there, and there is a three mile promenade allowing pleasant Sunday walks with access to take-away coffees to minimise the cold…

Morecambe Sailing Club (MSC) has a race office that sits on a recessed part of the promenade, right over the sea. It’s a daring piece of modern engineering, and I’ve photographed it many times and posted on the New Morecambe Past and Present page on Facebook.

I’m usually after a complimentary look, but the design is so radical, it invites a bit of mischief, too, as the opening shot, above, shows. The bulbous and bulging ‘nose’ of the race office window can suggest an authoritarian look, which I highlighted, just for fun…

(The photo ‘Edge of the World‘)

Sticking with the same subject, I noticed that, further down the promenade, there was an open angle shot that placed the racing office to the extreme left of a wide-angle view. The effect was to emphasise the massive nature of Morecambe Bay and place the MSC building as a tiny hut on the edge of it! Mischief, indeed…

(The image: ‘Let Sleeping Boats Lie

The final photograph is above. Boats are at their best floating, but these two look like they’re sleeping on the job…

©Stephen Tanham, 2021.

Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye, a modern yet mystical journey through the forest of personality to the sunrise of Being.

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