This will be my penultimate post of 2021. After Thursday’s blog, I will be taking a break till the new year.

Every December, I try to capture a set of images that would make good Christmas cards. I used to have a colour ‘photograph’ printer and would send some of these to family members. But the device was old and had begun behaving erratically. For such a small level of use, it wasn’t worth replacing. But the photos do find a good home in blog posts…

Here then are my pick of December 2021’s photographs, sent with love and thanks to those whose companionship and support has become so special, despite us only meeting here, in ‘cyberland’.

In these harsh times of Covid, this ‘virtual’ – yet very real – world has become precious and provided a continuation of communication and creativity that would otherwise have been aching void.

(Above: a favourite: a small lane that connects the village of Sedgwick with its neighbour, Hincaster. The brightly coloured Copper Beech hedge is a joy to see throughout the deep winter, lingering like a part of the year past that refuses to die… A bright messenger to 2022!)
(Above: The line of the old Preston to Kendal canal has been drained along most of its northern extent for decades, but it still defines the landscape. Here, caught in the freezing mist, the canal basin emerges into a farmer’s field beneath one of the ‘bridges to nowhere’ then disappears – at least for a while – into a ploughed field)
(Above: the old Wakefield House (now Sedgwick House) glimpsed through the mist. This was the stately home of the last of the ‘gunpowder barons’ who created the modern village of Sedgwick, where we live. The former mansion is now divided into luxury apartments)
(Above: another shot of Back Lane and the hedge, this time, I deliberately left the photo to be a gentle gradient into the misty distance)
(Above: I couldn’t finish without a shot of the powerful River Kent thundering through its limestone gorge, taken from the old bridge that links the village with the feeder road to the M6 motorway.
(Above: my favourite shot – the River Kent in the snow, just before it plunges into the gorge)

And there we have it… Happy Christmas! Thank you for being ‘out there’ and here’s to more blogging companionship in 2022.

©Stephen Tanham 2021

Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye, a journey through the forest of personality to the dawn of Being. and

18 Comments on “Seven Christmas Postcards

  1. Great pictures as always, Steve. Always a pleasure to be following your journey. Fingers crossed Covid cuts us all some slack next year. Best wishes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Willow – and it’s lovely to have you with us on the monthly Zoom meetings! A wonderful Christmas wishes for you and your family. May 2022 bring us out of this terrible period… ❤️


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