It’s a morning photograph, taken last week. I wandered into the en-suite bathroom to find this beautiful display of light splayed across the end of the bath, onto the wood of the cabinet and then, fading, on to the white tiles.

It was one of the most beautiful and ‘fine’ displays of natural light I’ve ever seen; and I had no idea how it was forming…

Before working back along the lights-beams, I ran into the bedroom for the phone, which was still lying in its charging cradle on set of drawers near the window. Returning to the bathroom, I was delighted that the light patterns were still there – the reverse is usually true; these are fickle effects and often short-lived.

Several photos later, I turned to trace the source. By now, the light was fading, fast, but I caught a final twinkle from what we call the ‘theatre mirror’. Bought from a rather trendy furnishings shop in Chorley, several years ago, this glitzy item – deliberately ‘over the top’ – features edges made of prism-like glass. A line of these had caught the bright, winter light and flashed it back into the bathroom.

A stroke of luck, but I was glad I had some evidence of its beautiful existence…

©Stephen Tanham 2022

Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye, a journey through the forest of personality to the dawn of Being. and

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