Day: January 23, 2022

Five Spines of Doom

Diana Wallace Peach, over at Myths of the Mirror set a writing challenge prompt for the new year… which I’ve just found out expires today! Here’s my offering, ‘Five Spines of Doom’ for her ‘Tottering TBR pile’ prompt: a nightmare of the ‘to be read’ books we all have – particularly on our Kindles… Five spines of doom, the living pile declares To struggling … Read More Five Spines of Doom

#StillLight : Wood, Tile and Plastic

It’s a morning photograph, taken last week. I wandered into the en-suite bathroom to find this beautiful display of light splayed across the end of the bath, onto the wood of the cabinet and then, fading, on to the white tiles. It was one of the most beautiful and ‘fine’ displays of natural light I’ve ever seen; and I had no idea how it … Read More #StillLight : Wood, Tile and Plastic

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