It is said by local historians that if Kendal had not fallen prey to the soulless developments of the 1960s, the town would now rival York in the historical interest offered by its venerable streets – and its living links with long-disappeared ways of life…

There are numerous alleys that lead from the town centre to the River Kent. It’s fascinating to walk these and realise you are travelling an ancient route that now offers a hidden and alternative way down through the town.

The variety of stone dwellings and offices is large and seemingly organically mixed – office next to house and so on, down the gradient. A delightful change to the rigidly organised zoning of modern design.

The day I took these shots, it was beautiful weather: still warm but a hint of Autumn’s freshness on the breeze. The feeling of nature enjoying the fruits of the Summer and beginning to rest…

So many questions are raised by signs, new and old… There are plaques for historic locations, but most simply challenge the eyes – and mind – to be creative and have fun…

The first glimpse of the shining River Kent emerges at the base of the slope, the site of the oldest of the several bridges that cross the rivers and create a patchwork of curling roads that are confusing (to say the least) to the casual visitor…

But finally, we stand above the full width of the River Kent, looking upstream, back towards the fells of the Kentmere Round. In the middle distance is the new footbridge to replace the one destroyed in the devastating 2015 floods.

©Stephen Tanham 2022

Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye, a journey through the forest of personality to the dawn of Being. and

7 Comments on “Back lane to the river

  1. Such lovely pictures, Steve. Most places in England have these interesting little alleys and lanes that lead to who knows where. When we walked around my mom’s home town of Bungay, she showed us some of the hidden routes she and her siblings used as children.

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