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An Ascent of Royalty

I was born the year after Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, so it’s fair to say she has been ‘with me’ all my life. Like many of us, I have known no other monarch. The rarity of this situation is worthy of reflection, as is the very notion of royalty in our high-tech age. Are they simply symbolic figures, animated from our past? Or might there … Read More An Ascent of Royalty

The Warrior’s Glade

In the original stories of the Arthurian cycle, the summer and autumn journeys of Sir Gawain, during his year of waiting for death at the hands of the Green Knight, are little documented and left to our imagination. In this poem, the Knight rests in a glade and becomes enraptured by a flower that reminds him of the pentagram, his symbol. The depth of the … Read More The Warrior’s Glade

Dark Night of the Stone

Dark Night of the Stone Freezing fingers clutch the silver cup The thin but faithful horse stands grace Equine feelings urge Gawain, “Go on” The mountain stream adds ice; its own Completing miseries’ embrace ——- How did we come to this, Gawain? His frozen thoughts; the pain, protest How did we seek a place unknown To pay the debt we shouldn’t own From Christmas … Read More Dark Night of the Stone

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