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White Iron Bride

No coward this white train That dared to speak a virgin’s mind Stripped, to the abuser’s rule That sought to quash Dissent in journeys’ end ➰ It’s flaming red still trails the skies A freer voice than iron ways Where iron minds, entitled Lay down iron roads Within the minds and tongues of Those who cannot within their minds Travel by themselves… ➰ Unliveried, … Read More White Iron Bride


Within the hidden monocrown Distance dominion fades There live shapes Hidden to Eye ©Stephen Tanham

Infinity Crossing

Ease off the grid And let the space of time go by Kick off the infinite suit And feel the grassy toes With eyes smiled closed Look skywards… Rejoining as you will… but not yet ©Stephen Tanham


We see as if we were above Though loosely rooted on the soil And layered logic takes away The glory of the pearl-light stream Rising, rich in shining joy From darker line of summer’s trees ©Copyright Stephen Tanham

Silver fish

Silver linked we are But free beneath the open skies? Requires life’s death-bond ©Stephen Tanham. 

Into the Silver: #RealityChequers

Spirit mischief dares Sliding stolen silver form Reflects the only clue ©Stephen Tanham

Passing Out #RealityChequers

The biggest ever bang So silent in it’s power Now passing overhead. ©Copyright Stephen Tanham 2017.

Proximity Masquerade #RealityChequers

Sky tree bears strange fruit Proximity masquerading Imposter leaves, left. ©Copyright Stephen Tanham 2017.

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