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Women in the Mist (4)

(Continued from Part three on Sun in Gemini) The spiritual, stripped of the trappings of religion, is a search for the real. We may protest that we already live lives that are real. It is one of the hardest and yet most profound jobs of a magical or mystical school, such as the Silent Eye, to show, as gently as possible, that this is … Read More Women in the Mist (4)

Women in the Mist (3)

  (Continued from Part two on Sun in Gemini) “There’s nothing else in Midmar, so just look for the church.” Allan’s words, given some time prior, echoed in our heads. We were lost… and he was nowhere to be seen. Its a cat problem, in the sense of herding them, as Allan said (and I agreed), during the weekend… It’s also a problem of … Read More Women in the Mist (3)

Women in the Mist (2)

  (Continued from Part One on Sun in Gemini) The rain has abated… for now. After the morning of the second day, we return to East Aquorthies to have more revealed to us by our guide, Allan. The morning had contained a visit to another stone circle which had drained and saddened us all. The details will be written up in the next post … Read More Women in the Mist (2)

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