Don’t think that you

have seen this edge before

Don’t count the times

 your boots

have walked

and crunched upon

its sands


Don’t try to catch

 the sleek caress

of countless grains of dust

Blown on a wind

that never

kissed your face


But now demands it must



walking tall,

stare into space

between the sky and land

And suffer Geb’s distress

At lust and longing

for his Nut

and know

eternity’s demand


So dare to stride

between the lines

and with each passing mile

leave past behind

To gain a place

just out of time

to hang

in timeless space

a while …


Lost in the vastness

of that sky

embrace your tiny fall

and by your truth

the reach of self

in spinning

sees it all.


©Image and words, copyright Stephen Tanham 2015

11 Comments on “Lost on the Horizon

  1. I suppose there is a mystical passion, there … a searching to bring the ‘real’ into the now. There’s an edge of pretension, there, too – which has to avoided like the plague! Thank you for your joint support of my creative endeavours. xx


  2. Beautiful poem! Sorry for the question but who is Jeb, and why distressed? And why is he endlessly craving a nut? I mean, if you’re going to waste, er, I mean spend your time craving things that intensely, how about chocolate?

    I think it’s less distressing once you’re in the fall. Being on the ledge is much more frightening. Sometimes I remember that and jump immediately. Suffering only happens when you know you’re going to fall and resist it. So I just fall. They always catch me…

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  3. Hello Eilis – loved the humour. Yes, ‘falling’ is an important aspect of trust, it would seem, and knowing how powerful its effects can be is important to our inner development. Perhaps the very act of ‘falling’ generates a massive act of inner attention, and that frees beneficial agencies … Now, where did I put that Cadbury’s fruit and but chocolate? x


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