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Two for the Solstice

Two poems for the coming Solstice. The first is The Iron Hand from Barbara Walsh, who is in the process of establishing her own WordPress site: The Iron Hand The iron-hard earth imprisons life below Cold darkness, gripping life that glows But not to conquer or destroy; That life now sleeping waits to grow Till winter’s touch so cold yet needed. Releases gentle fingers … Read More Two for the Solstice

My Lady Solitude

When Winter’s call Strips bare the wood When Summer’s kiss Is but a brood Upon your heart I will intrude My lady solitude ~~~ When silent spell Slows heartbeat’s time And reaches deep To chill the wine Upon your lips I will intrude My lady solitude ~~~ To wait the green And keening ride That signals Spring Begins its tide Emergent green We will … Read More My Lady Solitude

Game of twos

A game of twos? the sky God said And in the hallowed halls of stone With single ear we heard his jest And wondered where our twin had gone ©Copyright Stephen Tanham, 2016.

Polar Light of Sombre Sun

Polar Light of Sombre Sun ⦿ In polar light of sombre sun Are flickering shadows seen As Words emerge Whose dancing light Is greater than the place they’ve been ⦿ A Lion’s mouth sounds forth it’s call As red is joined to white And in that voice Is freedom’s choice Made total in the night ⦿ Does lighted wood create its life Or simply give it … Read More Polar Light of Sombre Sun

Frozen White

  A line of sight Which calls in frozen white To towering forms of shapeless spray That shield incoming night. ©Copyright Stephen Tanham 2015  

From Bakewell with love – the gift of surprise

What do you do when two of your best friends put you in gaol for a crime the three of you carried out… and leave you there? The characters of Wen, Don and Ben in the Doomsday series by Stuart France and Sue Vincent are not-so-loosely based on the three people who run the Silent Eye School. Imagine, in real life,  joining the other two one … Read More From Bakewell with love – the gift of surprise

Hey, you!

Hey, you! ———– Hey, you, come play! said the wind in the heights Whipping the sail in a dance of the round Me?, said the cloth, but I’m tied to the mast I can play all you like but to steel I am bound ——- Hey, you, come play! said the sky to the steel Reflecting its rust, through the colour of blood Me? … Read More Hey, you!

Seldom Seen

Seldom seen I am The edge of action ——- Seldom seen I am The liquid in which light flows ——- Seldom seen I am The Spirit that animates all ——- Seldom seen I am What you think you are not — ©Copyright words and image, Stephen Tanham 2015

The Lighted Life

The Lighted Life ——- Gawain awakes beneath the tree That senses show has changed A star of dawn climbs bark and leaf And hovers in the cold, clean air Announcing greater changes lie beneath ——- A keening on the knowing breeze A darker taste upon the wind A fall of wispy, softer skies As kind October’s shorter days Play midwife games with knowing eyes … Read More The Lighted Life

The Last Tailor

The Last Tailor — The clothes he wears are not his own They dressed the flesh to suit the dead With colours picked from nature’s prime And perfumes rare that round his head Entwine a crown of rule and law In broken pieces whispering of a thread ——- The white ones came and spun the rope That covered tailored blood and green And in … Read More The Last Tailor

Lost on the Horizon

Don’t think that you have seen this edge before Don’t count the times  your boots have walked and crunched upon its sands ——- Don’t try to catch  the sleek caress of countless grains of dust Blown on a wind that never kissed your face before But now demands it must ——- And, walking tall, stare into space between the sky and land And suffer … Read More Lost on the Horizon

The Scale of Life

Tree full with leaves etched deeper into cloud With blue beyond that thinly veils like shroud The living globe which hangs in blackest space Lit golden eyed by central Sun with fiery face Cast in the pearls of milky spiral joy That smiling at the dance so far below Bends time and space to kiss the sacred flow Of leaf that masks the eye … Read More The Scale of Life

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