Day: May 16, 2017


The Feathered Seer – Song of the Raven Clan

Originally posted on Stepping Stones:
“Their Danses Which They Use at Their High Feasts”, Theodor de Bry, Engraving The elders gather; to the stones; all that remain of the Raven Clan. The Shaman, bearing the Mother’s heartbeat, draws to the centre of the assembly; there to be joined by the Spinner, and the Weaver of Lore. The Weaver kneels, offering a reverent hand skyward,…

Unexpected Shaman (5) – Life and Death on Kukulcan

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
The count had reached forty steps by the time the newfound realised what was happening. Below him, the rising air from the plateau smelled, newly, of summer grasses and deeply-perfumed flowers.  The sun, near vertical overhead, beat down with a ferocity that touched skin which seemed naked; and yet fed, unburnt, from the sky-borne radiance. It was summer’s height and…

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