Day: May 2, 2017

Into the Silver: #RealityChequers

Spirit mischief dares Sliding stolen silver form Reflects the only clue ┬ęStephen Tanham

South of the wall (1)

We normally take a week’s holiday at this time of year. Our Silent Eye’s main event – the April Workshop in Derbyshire – is a result of a year’s intensive preparation by the organisers and some very concentrated participation by all those present.  This year’s ‘Feathered Seer’ workshop worked very well and Sue and Stuart’s posts cover it in some detail, as per my … Read More South of the wall (1)

Flight of the Seer V…

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
* Any creative endeavour involves hazard. We are fortunate enough to work with an eclectic and talented bunch of souls which inevitably lessens that hazard. With our previous Workshop, Leaf and Flame, we had made a rod for our own back by extending the compass of R4 out into the night and into the realms of spectacle… and…

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