Day: May 10, 2017

The Touch of Otherness

   In every mystical gathering, of whatever nature, there comes that moment when a correctly constructed ‘vessel’ is taken over – however fleetingly – by a sense of ‘otherness’. Experience teaches us that this is actually paradoxical. What is ‘taking over’ is the very state that is the goal of the activity, be that a deep talk, a shared, group exploration of a key … Read More The Touch of Otherness

The Feathered Seer – The bitter drop

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
‘If you have not lived through something it is not true’ Kabir The fourth ritual took us to a place of fear. Within the local landscape there is a high place that had, for a long time, remained hidden from notice, even though we had passed it many times over the years. It was never hidden from sight……

The Feathered Seer – Patterns of enchantment

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
    ‘The hidden world has its clouds and rain, but of a different kind. Its sky and sunshine are of a different kind. This is made apparent to those not deceived by the seeming completeness of the ordinary world.’ Jalaluddin Rumi For the final ritual, the setting we chose was Arbor Low, the great stone…

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