Day: May 12, 2017

Bloggers Bash 2017 – an update

Originally posted on TanGental:
I spoke to the hotel we are using for this year’s Bash and they told me they are calling it ‘An International Blogging Conference’. Super cool, eh? Though the Boss, Her Sachaness , wants ‘Bash’ because, well, she does so that’s that then. Anyhoo I’m here for three reasons: One… So why haven’t you bought you ticket yet? You know…

The Feathered Seer – Part 2 (or when foxes come out)

Originally posted on Stepping Stones:
Many foxes…Copyright: MJ Heritage @ Mr Fox Fast forward a year to the “Leaf and Flame: the Foliate Man” weekend. The directors of the Silent Eye (a modern mystery school), not really knowing what they might be letting themselves in for, honoured me with a request to present one of the exploration sessions. These punctuate the weekend, expanding on…

Notes from a small dog – On duty

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
There’s something wrong with the two-legs. She’s not broken exactly, but she’s not working right. I keep having to remind her about impotant things… like my dinner.  ‘Off colour’ she calls it… I thought that only happened to the fish when they go weird, but no. This time she’s right…she is a funny colour. Normally my…

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