A haiku and a hummingbird drawing…

method two madness

short crested coquette paint shummingbird magnetic

I consulted with the Oracle about this tiny (3″) Mexican hummingbird, one of many of the endangered bird species of the world.  Less than 1000 are estimated to exist.

short crested coquette pencil s

I did my first sketch, above, in colored pencil, but felt the colors lacked enough vibrancy, so I painted the top one with my metallic watercolors.

Flowers grow feathered
wings humming bird poetry
air breathes spiritsong

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3 Comments on “Draw-a-Bird Day: short crested coquette

  1. Absolutely gorgeous, and so glad to learn about the endangered Mexican hummingbird. And I am going to have to catch up on my painting because I had not heard of the metallic watercolors, and that is my favorite medium. I have not done watercolors for awhile, so no wonder I am not familiar with them, but I am going to try to find some and take a good look. What a difference it makes. Thank you kindly.

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