Our garden faces south, which means the arc of the sun can be watched for most of the day, and, at this time of year, well into the evening. One of our favourite things to do at the end of day’s gardening is to sit with a gin and tonic, plus a bowl of crisps, and watch the sun’s final slide into the west.

The colours can be dramatic in this period near twilight.. but they change quickly. In the above shot, I noticed that a halo of light and cloud had appeared around the tree and sun. Seconds after taking the photo, it had gone…

(Above: Seemingly enraptured, the collie watches the final moment of the sun’s golden light

Our collie dog loves to watch the sun go down, not taking her eyes off it until its golden light sinks behind the hills in the west.

The onset of night need not spell the end of taking photos. Many cameras now have a ‘night mode’. Even hand-held, as above, the effects can be rewarding. The shot was taken at about two in the morning, when the collie got me up for her toilet. She doesn’t always need this, but I was glad she did on this night…a silver lining, indeed!

©Stephen Tanham 2021

Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye, a journey through the forest of personality to the dawn of Being.


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