Month: June 2021

Summer’s Retort

A circulating seedThat knows no deathFinds purchase in the soilOf spring’s awakened greenAnd in the silky, shortest nightExplodes. Born a child of solstice lightThe summer’s lust for lifeEmbeds itself withinThe coalescing heart of flowerTo fall as seed returnedThe forms of life are eatenBaked and rolled As harvest yields tomorrow And bonfires mark the end of lightCasting free this single sparkProjected, angel brightInto the heart … Read More Summer’s Retort

Wanton Whimsy: Henderson, 1930

I knew there was something odd about the strange bike in the glossy picture; something different – attractive yet on the edge of gloriously wrong… Also, there was an eerie familiarity about the curves. Not just the fulsome orbs of the 1930 Henderson motorcycle, itself. Something even darker… Binky said it had arrived as a postcard. With only the word ‘reunion’ written on the … Read More Wanton Whimsy: Henderson, 1930

Intention chooses Heaven

The words stopped my reading… I mean I read them and had to go back to them, immediately – not even finishing the sentence before returning. Intention has long fascinated. It’s one of those vitally important words that belong with a handful of others, like memory, or will, or detachment, or even truth. Each of them carries great import when, and only when, it’s … Read More Intention chooses Heaven

Game of Midnight

It is dark, so there won’t be any Photographs They will, like the sun Be resting in untaken Manifestation But collie’s last trip Outdoors In upward glance reveals A silver-blue unlike Any before It is the moon, hiding and smiling At The one human on the planet Standing here within the game Of Midnight ©Stephen Tanham 2021 Stephen Tanham is a Director of the … Read More Game of Midnight

Wanton Whimsy: 2CV

And on summer evenings, rich with sun absorbed, We will slip through the CV gate, the two of us, and with a ripple of space-time, find ourselves in Burgundy, where, in a small cafe, hidden from the unworthy, Nicole pretends to be married to a burly chef, though she, too, is chef, and also front of house. And after water iced with lemon as … Read More Wanton Whimsy: 2CV

The Art of Healing (part two)

“The healer must know themselves to be connected to something bigger, something vast in its power to help us… something entirely whole. The healer is not the source of the power, simply its conduit.” Who wrote it is lost in the past. For me, it expressed the entire art of healing; the idea that suffering is ‘smaller’ than the power of wholeness. The main … Read More The Art of Healing (part two)

Green Fingers

The heat, it must have been the heat That teased and turned my steps That stepped a different thrust and beat A moan of limbs on fire where once were feet. The green, it must have been the green That cooled me in a light I’d never drunk That drank me in a way that drew a sigh Surrendering to what – before, I … Read More Green Fingers

Green Fingers

The heat, it must have been the heatThat teased and turned my stepsThat stepped a different thrust and beatA moan of limbs on fire where once were feet. The green, it must have been the greenThat cooled me in a light I’d never drunkThat drank me in a way that drew a sighSurrendering to what, before, I had not seen.Into the trees; I went … Read More Green Fingers

Wootton Rivers

We’re spending a few days in the Wiltshire village of Wootton Rivers. Set in the middle of the ancient Vale of Pewsey, its fertile farmland has a documented history going back to the Bronze Age. But we’re not here for the history… It’s a long way from Cumbria. The clue to why we’re here is the village’s proximity to Avebury, home of Britain’s largest … Read More Wootton Rivers

The Art of Healing (part one)

“Healing is about restoring the person’s power to heal themselves.” The old lady who said it was called Jean. Beloved of all us us at the Roiscrucian group in Manchester, she was was a venerated outlier from a previous age; an age in which the sheer magic of mystical development and communion was not taken for granted, and was a path that required work… … Read More The Art of Healing (part one)

Rotating Hope

Rotating hopeAs a Captain in a blackened stormScans a ravaged horizonTo find rotating hope- Not only where but who;The ship, by edge of darknessLocates the world beyond the seaSo we, with storm and prayerScanning signs of inner lifeFind voyage in a pulsing lightA presence: there, then goneReturning if we will but stare,And hoping, count the circles©Stephen Tanham 2021 ©Stephen Tanham 2021 Stephen Tanham is … Read More Rotating Hope

Still Light: the paths of June

As May neared it’s end, we were beginning to despair in this most northerly part of England. Record cold and wet weather for the entire spring had dampened our Covid-reduced spirits to absolute emotional zero… Then something remarkable happened. As though the intensity of the late warmth and light had to quickly compensate for what hadn’t happened so far, summer burst forth. And the … Read More Still Light: the paths of June

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