Badly out of pocket in Limoncello after the eagle-eyed spotters of last week’s ‘groyne’ image cut through my deviousness, I’ve upped the ante with this one…

The cunning clue: you wouldn’t want to get caught the wrong side of it!

++++++++++++++++++++ Answer Time ++++++++++++++++++++++

The mystery object is revealed as the Morecambe Bay ‘Time and Tide Bell’ – see description below:

There were no fully correct answers. Audrey Driscoll came the closest, but I’m going to be magnanimous with this one and open two bottles of Cabalié and invite round all those who replied. We can all have a glass of this delicious French red and watch the sunset… well, we could if it wasn’t raining.

Thanks to all who took part. Another mystery image on Sunday…

We’re moving to wine for our tantalising tipple…. This is one of our favourite reds, Cabalié; from the Languedoc region of south-east France, close to the Mediterranean Sea. Smooth, lusty and refined… what more could you ask!

The brochure says:

About Cabalié Wine

One of Laithwaites’ customers favourite, Cabalie wine received many excellent reviews as well as a few awards attesting for its high quality. It is produced by the amazing winemaker Hervé Sabardeil in a 2,000 old vineyard situated in the south of France along the Cotes Catalanes.

And no, I’m not on commission… Nor am I a wine merchant!

The answer will be given – here– after 9 pm London time on Monday 28 March.

©Stephen Tanham 2022

Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye, a journey through the forest of personality to the dawn of Being. and

32 Comments on “ButWhatIsIt? #5

  1. It looks like a huge green egg timer on a prom or a ship as I think that sea behind it . It is probably part of a telescope or some such ships equipment. That’s my guess sexton or telescope! 🌻

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  2. I agree with Willow, but I’m not sure it’s on a boat – it looks too close to the water. I so very badly want to peak around the edges of the photo and enlarge it! 😉 My kids have suggested a water filtration system and I’m wondering if it’s a buoy marking the water level. Thanks for the added information about the wine.

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  3. A time and tide bell, wow it’s beautiful! I love it.
    I had a job to get to your page though Steve , I had to Google you then find a link to your blog … I got here though 💜

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  4. You know, I have a vague memory of reading about this bell–maybe even on your blog, Steve? I think it would be lovely to gather and sip wine while listening to the time and tide bell…


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