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Becoming Nothing

‘Become Nothing’ He didn’t use those exact words but that was the meaning of what he wrote. The words were suddenly there in the moment in my consciousness… and I knew they were right. I had been reading a piece by Krishamurti – that fearless enemy of dogma, and proponent of the individual’s right to find their own spiritual path. It does involve a … Read More Becoming Nothing

#Silenti – A Rose Beyond Violence, part four

  Krishnamurti was not afraid of the radical. “The moment there is radical change in what we are,” he said. “we shall bring about peace in the world…” It’s a very simple thing to say: change ourselves and we change the world. How could this be viewed as anything but fanciful? Physics would certainly not allow such a postulation. There is no provable, repeatable … Read More #Silenti – A Rose Beyond Violence, part four

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