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Wisdom breathes out?

We seem to be wrestling with the recognition that an age is coming to an end, and that strange forms are filling the world with casual madness, behaving as though nothing hangs over, us; no piper calling for the line to the clifftop. The word ‘wisdom’ is to be used cautiously. It is subjective. One person’s wisdom is another’s folly. And yet, looking back … Read More Wisdom breathes out?

Old Blue Devil

➰ Within the sky You formed one day I have you said With dipping horn Not gone away ➰ I willed you go Your old one eye Belligerent Inclined to stay Declined my sigh ➰ Am home, it cried Among and in The shallow mind The narrow gaze The snarling din ➰ Resistant to My magic frown This hungry eye Just widens now And … Read More Old Blue Devil

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