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From No-where

From no-thing do you come?Not did, for did is burnedBut do, as in a breath Drawn in and then returnedFrom no-where do you come?Not where, for whereWould fix the placeFrom which you show your laughing faceFrom no-when do you come?For when would break the flowInto before and after glowAnd birth begin a taleThat only times my watch of youNot whence, but hence…The life unfoldsAnd … Read More From No-where

Seldom Seen

Seldom seen I am The edge of action ——- Seldom seen I am The liquid in which light flows ——- Seldom seen I am The Spirit that animates all ——- Seldom seen I am What you think you are not — ©Copyright words and image, Stephen Tanham 2015

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