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The Makers of Fine Sticks

If you belonged to a species that regularly threw itself off a cliff, you’d expect that species – or that tribe – to die out pretty quickly… Let’s imagine that there was an annual contest of head-beating with sticks, and the losers – those left alive – were honour bound to march or stagger to the cliff-top and mumble a ceremonial farewell before casting … Read More The Makers of Fine Sticks

Passing Out #RealityChequers

The biggest ever bang So silent in it’s power Now passing overhead. ©Copyright Stephen Tanham 2017.

Burnt Autumn

    My mother is eighty-six years old. She looks full of vitality, though her health is challenged by a less than perfect heart and a recent diagnosis of dementia. She’s facing this bravely, in the same way she has always faced adversity. Born in 1930, her early life was dominated by extreme poverty and the 1939-45 European war. She was, in her own words, … Read More Burnt Autumn

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