Day: August 23, 2015

Ben’s Bit, part five – The Reasonable Dr Grey

Ben’s Bit – part five – The Reasonable Dr Grey The man is calm. His dark-rimmed, circular glasses focus the intensity of his study at me, rather than taking in the light that bounces off my prison uniform, whose monotone colour, resembling a modern warship, bears his name. “Do you think it’s normal for a person in your position to refuse bail?” Dr Grey … Read More Ben’s Bit, part five – The Reasonable Dr Grey

Rooted in the Land

Rooted in the Land No raging storm front tears my roots from ridge No howling sky will twist and drag my limbs from land The densest deluge will not wash my will enduring, rooted here to frame and feed this place. But one day the lightning may come . . . And neither rhyme nor reason then resist endurance’s end ©Copyright words and image … Read More Rooted in the Land

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