Day: August 7, 2015

Ben’s Bit, part three – The Oak Leaves

After exercise in the tree-lined yard of the old gaol,  I am returned to my cell, clutching a fallen twig of oak. Yellow eyes doesn’t seem to mind this simple addition to the contents of my room, and lets me keep it. “They will fade and crumble soon,” he mutters, as though the judgment carries enough negative weight against the idea of keeping them. “You can … Read More Ben’s Bit, part three – The Oak Leaves

Infinite Regress…

Originally posted on Stuart France:
? THE INFINITE HIGHWAY If one always returns to where one came from, then one’s destination is halfway between where one came from and where one is going to. HALFWAY TO INFINITY Every step along the infinite highway is simultaneously an equal distance between an infinite future and an infinite past, that is, it is halfway to and from…

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