Prospecting for Ben… the interior castle II

Sue, holding all the strings, of course, sheds some light on Ben’s predicament . . . from afar . . .

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

“May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.”

Teresa of Ávila


‘Ben’ is in prison. His own choices led him there and his incarceration begins at the end of Scions of Albion. He is, of course, a character in our books, but his journey is one we all share. Readers will know that there is a deeper current of symbolic meaning running through these books and may already equate Ben’s incarceration with the process of incarnation and spiritual growth.

The name for this character was not chosen at random. Amongst its many meanings ‘Ben’ means ‘son’ in Hebrew and may originate from the root benah… to build. It seems a perfect combination for those who consider the soul to be a child of the divine and who see the human personality as something built in response to life and experience… a…

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