Day: May 1, 2016

‘Hela’r Dryw’ and Mr.Fox : Granny Speaks. Foliate Man Part Six

Originally posted on Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!: After six ‘steps’ (posts), I have reached the top of my Silent Eye ‘Leaf and Flame:The Foliate Man’  stairway. This sixth post marks the start of a new ‘floor’… Happy ever after, is it, Cariad? Oh, we’d all like to think so, wouldn’t we? The tales we hear at our mother’s knee have that as their…

The Dwelling Place of Shamans

In the Beginnings

  Roam upwards from soil Hold fast as she breathes Donate all you have Deny what you haven’t Drink beauty’s release On the petals of ecstasy And my name will be in the beginnings ——- ©Copyright Stephen Tanham 2016

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