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Even the sceptic had to admit that following the Ubiquitous Pointy Stone had worked this time… Rather than our usual route, we had let the stones guide us and we were straight into the cairnfields and finding traces of prehistoric mounds, cairns… and we could already make out the first stone circle.

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We had not walked this way before, and it seemed a far more natural route than the one the modern path followed. The sites revealed themselves, one after another, every few yards as we crossed the moor. Winter and spring are the best time to discover these ancient places, when the bracken is down and the heather not yet in bloom.

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The heather seems to enhance the magical atmosphere of the place, somehow. As if the land wears its soul for all to see. In spring though, you can see the changes in the vegeatation, where the ancient…

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We’ve been nominated!

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Sue, Stuart and I have been nominated for an award at the forthcoming Blogger’s Bash lunch in London on the 11th June. The nomination is for the Silent Eye and is under the category of “Most Inspirational Bloggers”.

We don’t know which kind soul has done this, but we’re very grateful…

Amidst the very talented blogs out there, we probably stand very little chance of actually winning anything, but every vote counts…

So, a big thank you to that unknown and wonderful friend… just for nominating us; and a huge cyber-hug for anyone who votes for us.

Also, Sue’s eldest son, Nick, whose courageous journey back from the effects of his horrific attack several years ago has been well documented in Sue’s journals, is nominated for “Best Newcomer”

Click this link to get to Sacha Black’s WordPress page to vote.

Thank you!

Steve, Stuart and Sue