Day: May 4, 2016


Originally posted on The Sound of What Happens:
I have had little to say For I cannot both speak And share these silences Heavy with honesty Hidden heartbeats Leaves uncurling Reaching hands I cannot map change onto an undiscovered landscape Describe time’s tides not yet sailed Or make verses of untold Fragile possibilities Nascent and naked Stretching soft tendrils To touch a turning world…

Finding Gawain – Act Three, part three

Finding Gawain – Act Three, part three And then… And then, there is the sound of laughter rolling in from the hills…that host the hunt…that gives rise to the baying of the hounds…that draws exhausted, dirty, frozen and stinking Gawain from his muddy deathbed and flings him, like a mannequin on parade, to the gates of the Castille Diablo, and, via a startled but … Read More Finding Gawain – Act Three, part three

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