Sylvan Glade…#writephoto

Stuart France

dancing trees_a

Can stone

turn to tree

or was that just eroded memory?


Yet, if water turns to earth

and air

and earth to fire

and air to water

by dent of long forgotten alchemy.


And if indeed

the Fire-King and Earth-Maiden

have spawned a beautiful daughter…


There may yet be

some fleeting semblance of hope

for me…

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Happy 70th Birthday Pops!

A lovely tribute to a loving Dad…

But I Smile Anyway...

It is a very special day today for me.

My precious Pops is turning 70!

It’s pretty unbelievable that he is now a septuagenarian! ( I think that’s what you call them!)

Happy Birthday

Humble to a fault, with a heart bigger than the universe, that’s my Pops.

He’s been my guide, my inspiration, my support since, well, forever.

Born to a farming family in Kenya, the youngest of multiple siblings, Pops popped out a ready-made uncle!  He had nephews and nieces to play with as a youngster and was always called Kaka, which means baby, as he was the youngest. Pops lost his own father very young, but his mother and brother brought him up.

He wasn’t the biggest academic in school, loving sports and dancing, but wanting to do the best he could, he pursued Dentistry and went to Wilson College in Mumbai.

img-20160521-wa0007.jpg Here he is with some of his…

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