Stuart France


When Pieman was very young,

and living at the beginnings of time,

he often slept with the Cave Bear Clan during stormy weather.


Over the course of many such nights,

Big Brown Bear who was also very old,

taught Pieman the nature of his belly-roar.


To this day,

Pieman makes use of his roar in dreams,

but only to pacify strangers and to quiet the rowdy,

and those of us who have difficulty understanding the Ancient Tales.

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When one door closes…

Sue’s moving words…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

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I go, but do not mourn for me

Or grieve that I will never see

The springtime blossom on the tree

Bear autumn gold.


The journey calls, the way is clear,

No longer will you find me here,

The door will close without a tear,

The hearth is cold.


Perhaps these walls will soon forget

The memories they hold, and yet

I leave them gladly, no regret

The bell has tolled.


I’m following a new-born star.

I go, but I do not go far,

(It takes two minutes in the car

Or so I’m told.)


I’m moving house; within new walls

I’ll wait until adventure calls

(While fetching endless tennis balls

From where they’ve rolled.)


But just for now, it’s madness here

And Moving Day draws all too near

As one by one the rooms I clear

And pack and fold.


The dog’s escaped…

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