Day: February 1, 2017

Tick, tock -#writephoto

Sue Vincent’s prompt this week for her #writephoto series is: I’ve told old Hotspur about it before – waiting at the foot of the stairs like that. He wasn’t there a minute ago, he was standing to attention like me in the old cellar, abandoned but dutiful down here… The sliding of youthful slippers on the worn stone, three circuits of the spiral upwards, … Read More Tick, tock -#writephoto

Horizontal in Dubai

  I’m not known for toilet humour. I’m sure it has its place, but, usually, not in my blogs. One of the undoubted reasons for this is that, when on long journeys, my wife and I are, as we describe it, somewhat ‘anally’ fixated when it comes to planning our day vis-a-vis toilet visits. We’re not talking trivial liquids, here; we’re talking the expulsion … Read More Horizontal in Dubai

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