Day: February 14, 2017

The Final Digit

This is my entry for: The Bloggers Bash Blog Post Competition 2017 Whose theme is ‘Connections’ – to be interpreted as we wish. The Final Digit (Released under the Freedom of Governmental Policies Act) Play the tape… “Ladies and Gentlemen, Who’d have thought that the Black Room would have a ‘black box’? When the end of the world came there he was… swearing away … Read More The Final Digit

The Fourteen Spears of Spring

As child, I wandered ways like these And marvelled at the grace and ease With which these tiny spears of Spring Could rise and shake off Winter’s cling. ❊ A wiser self smiles back at him Who knew not these were Alpine kin Which lived for cold and days like these That mirrored mountains’ solid freeze. ❊ But does this change the greeting bright … Read More The Fourteen Spears of Spring

Doing what comes naturally

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
We were in Castleton, hunting for props for the Feathered Seer. It was a cold, grey morning, but even so, the warm stone of the small Derbyshire town was inviting. We wandered through the streets, exploring hidden streets that we had not seen before and following the course of Peakshole Water, a tributary of the River Noe, that…

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