Day: February 26, 2017

Fragments of perception

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
Fragments of night rise from the road, scattering flecks of dawn on ebony wings. I watch the sun gild a horizon veiled in mist and see the earth blush at its touch. The morning song of birds drowns the sound of the engine as I drive through a green land that is waking to spring. It is only…

Agents of the Deluge

  I should have known, I tell myself – as the torrential rain comes at me sideways and immediately drenches my black corduroy trousers, that it was going to be one of those days. Note to self: cords and heavy rain do not a happy camper make… Not that I’m camping. It’s a normal, February, Saturday morning in South Lakeland and the rain has … Read More Agents of the Deluge

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