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No false ideal can be a true defence
When evil, as a spoiled and angry child
Can break and shatter childhood innocence,
To be, by any feeling heart, reviled.
No hope can find its birth in violence
As death’s own purpose is itself defiled.
The earth is scarred by Man’s insanity
And empty arms hold only memory.

Some feign belief and then defy the laws
On which their path depends to reach its goal,
Examine others’ paths to note the flaws
Whilst seeing theirs the only truth and whole.
They set themselves apart and preach a cause
Abhorrent to their brothers’ heart and soul.
The breakers are the broken and the lost
And their rejection bears a human cost.

No child has lived enough to need to die,
A mother’s tears are better shed in joy;
No heart should break to know the reason why
A life became a statistician’s…

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