Month: December 2019

Cycles of Light (2) – Wheels of Fortune

Part two of our investigation into the mysterious mental and emotional construct we call the ‘week’ and its celestial influences… This time we begin to examine the intimate relationship between events on Earth and the map of the ancient heavens.

End of the Line

Take me out in darkness Where the only light is black Like a railway platform leading To the forms that end the track ⦿ Let endless trains of thinking Pass, ghostly, through the night And cease their whistling thunder In a silence turning bright ⦿ Let what I am-not die there On the empty, singing rails As sleepers are run over As tickets blown … Read More End of the Line

#FurryFives : sheep

Tess: It’s around here somewhere! Human: What is? Tess: That sheep! Human: Now, you’re not to chase sheep! Tess: Chase it? I’m terrified of it! ©Stephen Tanham

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