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Ben’s Bit, part 8 – The Shimmering Hand

“I’m not your enemy, Ben …” Miss Goodnight looks calmly back along the line of my gaze which is focussed on the beautiful skin of her throat, where my second attempt to generate the flush of passion has just failed miserably. “I would really like to get to know you better,” she says, unconsciously running the capped end of her fountain pen over her bottom … Read More Ben’s Bit, part 8 – The Shimmering Hand

New Frontiers

For those kind souls who follow me on this blog. Many of you know that I am one of the three directors of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness. This site is for my own personal thoughts and comments, but also needs to provide good links to the Silent Eye, with thumbnail descriptions of what the School does. To add this continuity, I’ve made … Read More New Frontiers

Approaching the Solstice – Saturday

Standing in the Eye of the Uffington White Horse Looking down at the processional route from ancient times . . .

Approach to the Summer Solstice – Friday

As we approach the Summer Solstice, a few pictures from last weekend’s Silent Eye weekend in Avebury. These ancient and grand stones mark the entrance to the West Kennet long barrow. At a suitably private moment we experimented with chanting and found the resonant note for this beautiful place … Quite a sensation when a Neolithic barrow starts singing back at you …

The Morning of the Eye of God

He never thought that on his last Solstice run He would be chosen Never dreamed that leagues could fall behind Leaving the others, younger mostly, In the dust of his tracks, farther, now, than his hearing. Ahead, the great rock soars up, black and massive Its winding path, dark strip in the pre-dawn light His feet, belonging to something else, Thunder like heartbeats along … Read More The Morning of the Eye of God

The She Sentinel

  The She Sentinel   A small festival, where pilgrims,  unknown to themselves, climb me Clutching children,  adorned with picnics,  They play And round my ragged peak,  they stand and point their heads For the length of a heartbeat And wonder . . .   But it was not always thus   Over many years he changed my face Wrought outer magic on my … Read More The She Sentinel

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