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The Stone and the Pilgrim (4)

“It’s as though… there’s something wrong with the horizon…” Barbara was speaking softly, giving voice to one of the defining thoughts of the day. Something wrong with the horizon, how true. Craster’s harbour was disappearing behind us, but the cut-up horizon was still far away. There is no other way to reach Dunstanburgh Castle than on foot; though, back in history, distinguished visitors could … Read More The Stone and the Pilgrim (4)

The Stone and the Pilgrim (3)

“It’s all about tea-rooms, with you, isn’t it!” It was said some years ago, and there was anger in it – just a bit – but she was right. We both collapsed in a heap of laughter on each other’s shoulder a second later. There has to be humour in these weekends. They can be very intense – not by imposition, but by personal … Read More The Stone and the Pilgrim (3)

The Stone and the Pilgrim (2)

Rested, the group of pilgrims gathers on the Saturday morning beneath the vast presence of Bamburgh Castle. The castle was restored to its present glory by the 19th century munitions entrepreneur and inventor William Armstrong. Lord Armstrong bought it from the Crewe trustees in 1894 for the sum of £60,000 – a fortune then. He went on to spend a further one million pounds … Read More The Stone and the Pilgrim (2)

The Stone and the Pilgrim (1)

Late Friday afternoon, 14th September. A group of travellers arrive in Bamburgh, Northumberland. Their intention is to invoke a landscape. The meeting place is one of the hotels in the village of Bamburgh, but the first destination is that liminal place: the beach – and what a beautiful place it is… The beach here sits between two worlds, yet is part of both. The … Read More The Stone and the Pilgrim (1)

Principles of Fire (6): A Tribe of Two

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi Jalaluddin Rumi was a 12th century Sufi mystic, whose approach to the ‘real’ was remarkably modern. This should not surprise us. Anything spiritually true will have that immediate and familiar ring about it – the sense of a homecoming, … Read More Principles of Fire (6): A Tribe of Two

Principles of Fire (5): A Tribe of One

They who set out to discover the twin meanings of the word ‘self’ must walk a certain path. The route to the deeper, real self lies only in the journey through the everyday self. Without this study – and its consequent effects – there can be no personal transformation. We have to learn to look at ourselves with intensity if we are to begin … Read More Principles of Fire (5): A Tribe of One

Blood Red Berry

⦿ This berry ball, September’s song Hangs boldly from the tree nearby Unseen, till now, its blood-red tone Displays the inner harvest of the sun And radiance of the soft, enduring sky ⦿ Its fragile fullness tells a tale Within this sphere new life responds With readiness to live, then die Red body hangs in space, an offered meal For bird who with the … Read More Blood Red Berry

The Old Man and the Tower

There was and is a tower, a tall, dark tower. One day, a fugitive – ragged but not lost – came to this tower. The tower stood beside a wild sea, which constantly washed its face with spray. Day after day the sea would send clouds of cold spray high into the air, where some of the droplets splashed onto the thick, crystal windows … Read More The Old Man and the Tower

Principles of Fire (4): Essence and Reunion

Continued from Part Two of this topic In previous posts, we have seen that how we view and interact with the world is conditioned by how our egoic self has developed; from oneness with Mother in the womb, through birth as an independent entity, to the reactive adult whose life mirrors that of a suit of armour, grown, protectively, over the real and eternally-new … Read More Principles of Fire (4): Essence and Reunion

Principles of Fire (3) essence and origin

Part One It is unusual to be able to say definite things in the teaching of spirituality, and yet, with essence, we can… We can say three definite things: that Essence is our life; and that everything that is not essence is reaction and the history of reaction. We can also say, as did the ancient alchemists, that essence is not an idea, not … Read More Principles of Fire (3) essence and origin

Principles of Fire (2) belief-faith-knowing

Continued from Part 1. Before me on the table is an electrical device. It needs a new battery and to do that I have to remove the cover. The small screw holding it is of the type that requires a screwdriver with a cross-head. My mind is intrigued that this illustration of ‘knowing’ has come into the ‘now’, but it has, and I’m grateful. … Read More Principles of Fire (2) belief-faith-knowing

Christ of the Sunflower

Across the dappled grass I called you Unhurried in the evening glow To down your tools and stand before me In simple presence, freed of stone And learn the language of the slow ➰ No sadness that my solar fire Conceals the fade of life’s profusion Far more than this awaits the gaze That lifts the veil of summer’s end And sees beyond decay’s … Read More Christ of the Sunflower

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