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#ShortWrytz : Manx kippers and smoked humans

I suppose the surprise arrival – by post – of a batch of smoked kippers that morning should have triggered the gene in me that I’ve named: How Strange! I’ve mentioned our love of a kipper breakfast in previous posts. We had recently returned from our annual November visit to see our good friends on the Isle of Man. Part of our trip had … Read More #ShortWrytz : Manx kippers and smoked humans

Winter walks with camera (6) : the shape of drama

Drama comes in many forms, but those forms can be accentuated by the rigours of Winter (250 words, a two-minute read) The estuary to the west of Arnside has an ancient feel, and is filled with dramatic shapes and foliage. In Winter, some of these can look primeval, and the natural desaturation of colour caused by the lower levels of light play to the … Read More Winter walks with camera (6) : the shape of drama

Heartfire 4 am

I sometimes wonder if the fire is kin to what I am within Is skin to what I am within – when darkness lures A hiss of icy night and eyes too tired to find delight The swishing of the white tail, paws on icy grass ⦿ The tiny crunch – dark whisper, pulls me there The velvet black surrounds – foolish! My skin … Read More Heartfire 4 am

My Temple is the Sky

My temple is the sky, Which speaks to me  In passing moments Too brief to truly capture But not too brief to see ⦿ My hearth and home Is this, our earth, enraptured My body-brain became its child  And yet, ‘I’ am a child of sun And, in me, loved, as in you Ascends a different eye ⦿ My solace is the ocean Which … Read More My Temple is the Sky

Spark of Darkness

We had forgotten In the turning of the clock In the slide to dark afternoon Lay a deeper power —– We had forgotten The power of the fire The gift from the beginning The reaction of intelligence —– And in the darkness Around the fire Held within the flames We remembered —– ©Stephen Tanham  

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