Finding a stone circle…

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barbrook III (2)

It had rained overnight… heavily too. The sky still looked ominous, but held the promise of a clearer day to come. I looked at the bag of boots in the car and shook my head… “No, it’ll be fine…” There was no excuse for leaving the sensible footwear in the car and setting off over the moors unsuitably clad. No excuse at all…just my apparent stupidity and habitual instistance on being inappropriately shod…except that there always seems to be an inadvertent price for a finding and muddy feet would be a small one to pay. We had been looking for this particular stone circle for a long time.

barbrook III (1)

With the meeting not until lunch, we had left early to see if the newly-found directions in a book that had been gathering dust on the shelf all the while would lead us to the stones. We had tried on several occasions……

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