Fork in the road

Beautiful and courageous words from an empowered Ali.

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!


I have come to a fork in the road. It is dark, unknown, frightening. But adrenaline does not discriminate, does it? It is triggered by fear and excitement equally – and the bodily sensations are identical.

So, this fork releases floods of chemicals into my system. I look at the trees – tall, tightly-packed, apparently impenetrable – and the ghosts of childhood monsters howl and screech all around me. I peer at the uneven surface and am assailed by the fear of falling, of catching an ankle, of being wounded and vulnerable. I hear twitterings and strange animal noises in the thick undergrowth and my hair stands on end at the thought of huge predators waiting to add me to their evening meal. The uncertainty, the lack of maps and signposts, brings on a crisis of terror almost existential in its reach: What if I am lost and can…

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