The Hushed Portal

In response to Sue Vincent’s

Thursday photo prompt – Still water… #writephoto


The dark wall at which you have been staring opens


You breathe for calm and hold its presence


That something truly new is happening


As your skin happens, now tingling as a child’s might

Your child,

Not as given birth, but as born anew, from within


As, matched into the moment, you rise, seeing


As thought and memory drop away, leaving only Being


Which maps itself, and guides your trusting feet


Walking through the portal to the impossible beach

Walking from beach to the spit of dark land


Narrowing your walk as your stride ends the land


Feeling the new waters lap your toes, ankles, thighs


Laughing as dying fear is washed away in endless, depthless joy


Smiling with the joy of sunrise

Smiling with the joy

Smiling with

Smiling alone

Never alone again


©Stephen Tanham 2016

8 Comments on “The Hushed Portal #writephoto

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