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Decline, Fall … and Renewal

As we approach the spring, it can be instructive to consider examples of how cherished things struggle to maintain vitality – and which ones succeed. The inevitable cycles of growth, maturity and decay are ever-present. But they are not all-powerful. Business fortunes as well as personal fate obeys certain laws of success and decline. As a young computer salesman with a (now long defunct) … Read More Decline, Fall … and Renewal

Beneath the horns of goats and men

A rocky height of towering truth A hundred years of blood and sacrifice Laid waste in haste to crown a naked lie Where courtiers smile like truth and gloat Up among the goat-men at the throat Once taken, that first step reflects The once-fine earth, which now collects Within the wheels of grasping greed Old boys, less good, embrace the skin Beneath the hooves … Read More Beneath the horns of goats and men

Tango in the key of sorry

As the years pass, I continue to wonder at the marvel of human communication, and the sadness of how little we use its potential… The world appears to be full of conflict and strife. But much of it is happening at the psychological level. The Trump era in America and the Brexit ‘civil war’ in the UK were both fuelled by similar (if not … Read More Tango in the key of sorry

Echoes of the Bunkermen

I was born in the 1950s. It was an age riven by anxiety about nuclear war. Ten years after the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been destroyed by the first use of atomic-powered weapons, the west was still consumed with the horror of seeing Oppenheimer’s equations translated into an explosion that ripped apart buildings, adults and children on a scale envisaged only … Read More Echoes of the Bunkermen

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