Lady of the northern light

Your stone too old to reach

Offset with spirals on your flanks

With children circled round your banks

Give us the grace to see you teach

And under stars approach your sight

© Stephen Tanham

Stephen Tanham is a director of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness, a not-for-profit organisation that helps people find a personal path to a deeper place within their internal and external lives.

The Silent Eye provides home-based, practical courses which are low-cost and personally supervised. The course materials and corresponding supervision are provided month by month without further commitment.

Steve’s personal blog, Sun in Gemini, is at

You’ll find friends, poetry, literature and photography there…and some great guest posts on related topics.

9 Comments on “Long Meg

  1. There is something so deeply significant about these little bits of wisdom that we are being shown. I am beginning to look at all the words that describe what the post is dealing with and it is incredible. I just finished writing a response to a post, and I honestly cannot remember whose or where, but I noted that when we take in a breath, we are in the future, and when we expel our breath, we are in the past, and so it is that brief moment in time when we are between inhaling and exhaling when we are in the present. I think there is a far greater meaning here, and I am on the doorstep to understanding it.

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    • There are ‘poetic’ meanings, Anne, and then literal ones. To students of the ‘real’ there can only ever be the present. The future is a set of probabilities, based entirely on the present and not yet real, but pre-existent in potential. This is really important, for some things have no potential to be. The past is simply a history, a journal of the interaction of an apparent and collective ‘out there’ with consciousness. If Long Meg has a message for us in the present, it is to be rooted in the now, the ever-changing movement of the heavens which is tightly-coupled with life on Earth – and our individual existences within a body of matter. Steve

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