Day: February 24, 2019

#FurryFives – Silent Eyes

  What’s all this Silent Eye stuff, then? – It’s not ‘eyes’, it’s ‘eye’ But look, I have two of them! – So do I but, that’s not the point ‘So do I‘! now who’s confused… ©Stephen Tanham #FurryFives – Just five lines that capture the essence of your moment with that beloved pet. If you want to join in, publish one and send … Read More #FurryFives – Silent Eyes

Voices from the past

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
There was a jaw-dropping moment when it finally hit home… We knew the story… we had discussed it long before Stuart had started working with it. The ‘hero’ was a historical king who lived around five thousand years ago. About a thousand years later, tales of his doings, combining events both real and symbolic, were collected and written…

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