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From Anne Copeland, posted as a comment on the Silent Eye website

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Posted as a comment on The Silent Eye… from Anne Copeland:

I am the one who ponders
The road in life
And what it means to me
And to all of us.
Why am I here
And what is my purpose?
Have I done the right things?
Am I one of the players
In the Great Plan someone
Created for everything?
Or am I just
A biological adventure
of nature?

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From Sue…

The Silent Eye

Have you ever thought how fragmented we are most of the time? Bits of our attention are given or called here and there, certain of our skills and talents required but seldom more than that. If I am asked to hang a picture, for example, it has no relevance that I can bake a fabulous chocolate cake or speak decent French, and (unless they have an urgent desire for cake with a little je ne sais quoi while I hang the frame) the person who asks me will have no interest in those talents at that moment in time.

How seldom is it that we are asked to give ourselves whole to any task or area of our lives? Even rarer, perhaps, are the occasions when we choose to do so, simply because we can, plunging head first into the moment at hand as if it is all there is…

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Long Meg


Lady of the northern light

Your stone too old to reach

Offset with spirals on your flanks

With children circled round your banks

Give us the grace to see you teach

And under stars approach your sight

© Stephen Tanham

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