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Above the Lion and the Lamb (Part Two)

We were on the Helm Crag plateau, about to climb up and beyond the Lion and the Lamb rocks to reach the start of the ridge. When you’ve just done a steep climb, it’s natural to feel that you’re ‘at the top’. In our case, this assumption was to prove expensive… It was time to say goodbye to the glorious views of Grasmere – … Read More Above the Lion and the Lamb (Part Two)

Above the Lion and the Lamb (Part One)

We were delighted to meet up with some friends from the UK who had emigrated to New Zealand many years ago. Bernie went to school with Kathryn and the couple had kindly collected and put us up in Auckland – their home, now – at the end of our short cruise from Sydney, last November. Jon is a keen walker, and has fond memories … Read More Above the Lion and the Lamb (Part One)

Have you seen it, yet?

©Stephen Tanham Stephen Tanham is a Director of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness, a not-for-profit teaching school of modern mysticism that helps people find a personal path to a deeper place within their internal and external lives. The Silent Eye provides home-based, practical courses which are low-cost and personally supervised. The course materials and corresponding supervision are provided month by month without further commitment. … Read More Have you seen it, yet?

The creature on the beach beyond thought

It lay there, head in the sky, gazing at the radiance. Its tail was still in the ocean of thought, the gentle waves urging it back where it belonged… The gaps in the waves had always been there; they were the rhythm of life. But it had never thought to use them as a way through. To where? To beauty, certainly. The sights and … Read More The creature on the beach beyond thought

The Bedouin

It is said we learn most from those we would wish to emulate. Not copy, perhaps, but take from them an essence of thought, of action. If we are younger, of style, even… There must have been a thousand people in the room. The university hall was full. When he stood up to speak, his movements were relaxed. His body language gentle, open. What … Read More The Bedouin

Orphans of Summer

Orphaned shoots of summer’s fullness Sway high in January’s blue Like gifted children graced with wisdom Defying winter’s hidden fury Escaping falsely changing hue ➰ Against the black we could not see you Yet, dancing in the violent storm Your gentle tips flowed round the deluge Untouched by night’s electric harm A younger magic, bold and warm ➰ But, come the day when icy … Read More Orphans of Summer

Ash Samara

➰ In the gold-washed glow on green Of July’s vivid evening blue I watch your spinning fall to earth ➰ Through softer air than day’s has been Your path to ground is freshly spoken The soil-drawn spiral just for you ➰ Entranced, enspelled, entwined My sight conceives of your conception In six seconds of descending grace ➰   Stephen Tanham is a director of … Read More Ash Samara

Summer’s Last Kiss

Summer’s Last Kiss   When ocean’s shine turns mirror bright And deeper love seems written there When crested waves hiss rest awhile And be with us in formless dream Then know that summer’s parting kiss Casts lingering promise bold and bare ➰ To cling is but a dreamer’s sigh As worlds rotate and tides return Her russet hand will still caress Though leaves are … Read More Summer’s Last Kiss

Intimate Flames – #Silenti

What is it to be intimate? The touch  of a lover’s hand or lips, perhaps?  Two bodies locked together in desire for a common fulfilment; the intellect muted while the emotional and sexual energies dance their own bolero? We generally associate intimacy with the body, but it’s not always so, and the exceptions can point the way to something much deeper… The body has … Read More Intimate Flames – #Silenti

The Finding of Polarity (3) – #Silenti

  In parts one and two of this set of three posts, we have examined how the development of the individual, the ‘self’, is a different process from the development of our young bodies, and relies upon our departure from ‘oneness’ in the womb towards a reaching for individuality – a process that eventually matures into what psychology calls the ego. From a psychological … Read More The Finding of Polarity (3) – #Silenti

Wise crows, raven-kin

  Wise crows, raven-kin Driven from your ancient trees What home will call you now? — Where cosy craft Of power’s secret circle Convinces gentle folk That cut and death and burn Deliver best the clearing tide. — Revealing light? — Barren gaps and ugly fires Of healthy wood consume Both eye and view in sadness The darker light made clear. —  Be welcome, … Read More Wise crows, raven-kin

And Life shall have Dominion

Inspired by an exhibition of Aboriginal art in Narbonne.  Image: Milky Way by Louise Numina, 1965 Native Australian Artist — And Life Shall Have Dominion Whatever you can touch You have dominion over Whatever you can touch and move You have power over  Be kind to it… – Whatever you can see or hear or smell But cannot touch or move Has dominion over … Read More And Life shall have Dominion

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