Flash: meeting the criteria…

More Stuart inspiration… Clearly written after a second or third breakfast…

The Silent Eye

geometries 119

“Right, if we start from Midwinter…”

“You’re going to have to rename all the months.”

“…Not necessarily.”

“Why not?”

“We want to get beyond names.”

“Beyond names?”

“Before the months were named there was a metaphor of the year.”

“And the metaphor of the year was what precisely?”

“The metaphor was the year as fire, or better, as a fire.”

“How do you know?”

“Because all the autumn months are still ’embers’.”

“The year, like a fire, rises to flame after first being kindled and then dies down to ash?”

“To ash and more, because there always is. So we will have three kindling months, three flaming months, three ember months and an ash month.”

“But no names?”

“Not to start with. There might, though, be names later.”

“So how are you going to distinguish the months?”

“As First, Second and Third Kindling… etc. Are there any more questions?”


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How to be alone … for lonely is a freedom

Jamie Dedes' THE POET BY DAY Webzine

HOW TO BE ALONEby Tanya Davis, poet, songwriter and singer. Her style is primarily spoken word set to music. She performed in this video, which was directed by Andrea Dorfman.  Andrea did the animation. She is a screenwriter as well as a director.

The film was shot in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As of this writing, this poetry video has had more than 7,620,000 views, which is a league of its own when it comes to poetry videos. As ar as I know the only poet who gets those numbers – actually twice as much – is Shane Koyczan, also a Canadian and a spoken word poet.

After making the film Tanya  and Andrea  put together a book, How to Be Alone (Harper,2013) with the poem and illustrations. Tanya also has a published poetry collection, At First, Lonely (Acorn Books, 2011). The former, I think, makes a good gift for someone after a…

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