Exit Lady Ragnell. Enter Ali Alone.. Foliate Man Part Five

Ali bravely illustrates how this kind of ritual drama can bring you, mercilessly, but ultimately, healingly, to a crescendo of facing the now, with all its contradictions…

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

The letter was waiting for me when I returned from the delightful Foliate Man weekend. Having read it, I tried to put its full import on hold for as long as possible by allowing Lady Ragnell to stay, to tell more of her story than I had initially thought possible.

But my body reacted even as my typing fingers followed The Veiled One’s words and images. I am in a crisis of Stress-related physical symptoms – and feeling so desolate and afraid and ill that each day is more difficult to get through. The pain has gone nuclear, and has been accompanied by constant nausea since Monday morning. No analgesics make a blind bit of difference. Nothing can be detected by the doctor I saw yesterday.

I feel completely alone with this, and utterly unprotected because, in truth, there is nothing anyone can do to help me. Not, in grim…

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Leaf and Flame: shadow play

The Silent Eye

imbolc fox weekend 002 (2)

“Pick a card,” said the headless apparition, holding out his severed head to the assembled company, each in turn. “Any card…”

So, how do you behead a green giant and have him pick up his head and walk? You could use lighting, make up and computerised effects, but we are fairly low-tech where special effects are concerned… we had a sheet, a football and a wet cloth.

At the critical moment, both Green Knight and Gawain left the central court of King Arthur and only their shadows were seen…A flick of the light switch, a dropped, soggy towel to provide an appropriate squelch and a football… and the first part of the job was done. Granted, the football was a little delayed and it seemed to take an age before the giant head ‘bounced’ across the floor… but perfection didn’t matter, and laughter in the Temple is a blessing.


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