Day: April 28, 2016

Leaf and Flame: Getting started

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
A pre-panic lunch at the Queen Anne is traditional. By this point in the proceedings, however,  some stomachs are not at all cooperative, only being willing to be fed out of necessity. Food is not really the focus, though….it is at the Queen Anne that the team gather and early arrivals know where to find us. Once we…

Finding Gawain – Act One

Finding Gawain – Act One The last of the sunlight has gone. The light of the torches flickers in the great hall. The Table Round has assembled for more Yule merriment, but the room has turned to ice. The giant, green figure rides on his equally mighty horse into the sacred space of Camelot’s inner chamber. It is a monstrous sight; a circle of … Read More Finding Gawain – Act One

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