Day: April 30, 2016

Leaf and Flame: Solar Symbol

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
There was a full moon as we walked back from the inn on the Friday night and the moon greeted us the following morning, sailing across a pastel sky. It has become something of a tradition to greet the dawn on our weekend workshops. The sortie is not obligatory, but every year a goodly party of us will…

Seed Thoughts…

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
The Outer is reflected Emotion… The Inner is reflected Form… The Outer reflects the Inner and the Inner reflects the Outer… The Principles: work not for themselves but for others.               The Companions: work not for others but for themselves. The Red, The White and The Green… ‘For the Druids physical death…

Finding Gawain – Act Two

Finding Gawain – Act Two  Gawain staggers from the castle of Camelot, the memory of the Green Knight’s bloody axe vivid in his mind as though the mere dropping of it onto the temple floor carried no significance, and its dark presence remains with him, still. Across the land he strides, stumbling and falling in the darkness, mouthing unintelligible noises as the full horror … Read More Finding Gawain – Act Two

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